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Logan strives to maintain a high level of corporate governance. By adopting an excellent, prudent and effective corporate governance style, the Company works to continuously improve its corporate governance while it regulates operations, improves internal control mechanisms, implements strong disclosure measures and ensures that operations are in line with the long-term interests of the Group and its shareholders.

The Group has developed its own Code of Corporate Governance with reference to the principles and practices of the Code of Corporate Governance promulgated by the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. It has continued to optimize its organizational structure to provide support for integrating full-service development, strengthening of internal controls and providing for integrated comprehensive risk management. The sustained enhancement of the Company's standards of corporate governance ensures alignment with, and protection of, the best interests of shareholders.


Product safety

Logan Property strictly controls product quality, and conducts standardized management of planning, construction, acceptance and other steps. In 2019, we upgraded the “Panshi” mobile app for construction quality inspection, and assisted in analysis, measurement and inspection through data, which helped us improve project quality.

Supply chain management

We maintain a complete supplier management system, including selection of suppliers, procurement bidding, and supplier performance review. We also assess supply chain risks, ensure adequate supply, and effectively manage the environmental, health, and safety issues of third parties.

Service quality

The customer survey in 2019 received 21,399 responses, indicating that satisfaction remained the same as last year. We also collect customer feedback in our daily operations to improve the quality of products and services. Complaints can be answered within 24 hours on average.

Service quality

When purchasing, we consider the impact of products on the environment and human health as the main considerations instead of price. We give priority to selecting and using recycled or reusable materials, high-efficiency and water-saving appliances and equipment to promote green procurement.

Environmental and labor performance of suppliers and subcontractors

We pay attention to the environmental, health and safety performance of our suppliers and contractors and incorporate the same into our assessment criteria. We have entered into agreements with suppliers and contractors, and will conduct on-site visits and on-site monitoring to prevent violations.

Occupational health and safety

We continue to improve Logan Property’s standardized construction model and unify safety management operations to reduce construction risks. We also purchase personal insurance for our employees and organize a number of leisure activities for our employees to relieve work pressure.

Equal opportunities and anti-discrimination

We treat all employees equally, and maintain diversity of the team in terms of gender, age, and background, with job performance as the major assessment criterion. Our reporting mechanism also helps to play a deterrent role and prevent discrimination.


We constantly review the fairness and effectiveness of the current human resources strategies. Our remuneration committee ensures the Group provides employees with excellent remuneration and benefits package.

Development and training

We provide employees with various training courses, including incorruptibility and anti-corruption, occupational safety, personal and competency development, covering employees of different grades and positions. In 2019, employees who participated in training courses had received on average 40 hours of training.

2019 / our corporate governance footprint


Development and training

We held several training sessions during the year. In total, 78% of our employees completed staff training sessions on product quality, health and safety, customer data and privacy management, responsible publicity, anti-corruption and integrity. The participation rate was 100%. Details are as follows:

Training Programs Participants Number of Participants Participation Rate Total Training Time (Hours)
Product quality All employees 3315 100% 3 hours / person
Responsible marketing All employees 3315 100% 1 hour / person
Health and safety All employees / contractors’ staff 34564 100% 1.5 hours / person
Customer data / privacy management All employees 3315 100% 1 hour / person
Anti-corruption / integrity All employees / all cooperative suppliers 8981 100% 1 hour / person

Standardized product series

Despite grand transformation from “Sunshine”, “Joy” and other urban lifestyle collections to three major product lines of “Jiu”, “Tian” and “Jiangnan” collections, Logan Property has always persisted in the brand philosophy “To Build a Better Life” and committed to creating a high-quality smart and beautiful city lifestyle.

Product Quality and Safety

All of our building products are known for their “quality” and craftsmanship, allowing us to provide customers with premier residences. We strictly comply with the quality management requirements of the Regulation on the Quality Management of Construction Projects (建設工程質量管理條例) issued by the State Council (國務院) regarding project planning, construction works, supervision, inspection and acceptance and maintenance. Additionally, we implement the standard construction management procedures,

Residential Health and Safety

We care about the health and safety of every resident and visitor in Logan community. Property management staff of Logan Property provides high-quality, high-standard and professional property management services, and regularly organize various community activities to provide a peaceful and harmonious residential environment.

Our sizeable property management team demonstrates its professional performance by obtaining the ISO9001 quality management system, ISO14001 environmental management system and OHSAS18001 occupational health and safety management system.

Service Quality

Over the course of business operations, we always place the customer’s interests at the highest priority from product design to sales management. The Group has established the Sales Process Risk Management Policy (銷售過程客戶風險管理規定) to govern the sales process including model display, press release, contracting, events management and customer experience with an aim to safeguard information accuracy and consistently commit itself to integrity.

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    Logan Property Holdings Company Limited (“Logan Property”, stock code:3380.HK) is an integrated property developer focusing on residential property development in the PRC, mainly the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Bay Area, with its products primarily targeting first-time homebuyers and upgraderstargeting first-time50萬人口提供了homebuyers and upgraders

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    Logan Property Holdings Company Limited (“Logan Property”, stock code:3380.HK) is an integrated property developer focusing on residential property development in the PRC, mainly the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Bay Area, with its products primarily targeting first-time homebuyers and upgraderstargeting first-time50萬人口提供了homebuyers and upgraders